Free MagicLand shuttle
The shuttle leaves the B&B every day at 9.30
for the MagicLand theme park
and returns in the evening at 19.30.

La navetta del b&b Valmontone
Parco Giochi Valmontone Rainbow Magicland

We have arranged prices with MagicLand, and our guests pay a reserved ticket price of € 22.00 per person taller than 1m (€ 35 at the ticket office), for a single day entrance. Two consecutive days’ admission costs € 28.00 (€ 45.00 at the ticket office).
We are 6 km from MagicLand.
Our free shuttle will take you to the park every day it is open, leaving at 9:30 am so that our guests arrive in time for the Park’s opening at 10.00. We will be waiting for you in the shuttle when the Park closes to take you back to the B & B.

Parco Giochi Rainbow MagicLand di Valmontone

Located only 7 minutes from our B & B


Biglietti MagicLand

Ingresso valido due giorni
€ 28

Prezzo in convenzione riservato ai nostri ospiti.
Ingresso valido due giorni consecutivi.

Biglietti MagicLand

Ingresso valido un giorno
€ 22

Prezzo in convenzione riservato ai nostri ospiti.
Ingresso valido un giorno.

MagicLand is an amusement park for families that is spread over an area of about 600,000 square metres and has got 35 attractions (including 2 never-before seen attractions in Europe), 3 theatres, including an ice rink, 28 food and beverage outlets and car parks for a total of 5,500 parking spaces. Rainbow MagicLand is Rome’s Playground, also one of the first in Italy, and is on par with major European amusement parks.

Families attractions

  • Play Ground
  • Remote Control Boats
  • Kiddie Rapids
  • Dancing Fountains
  • Kiddie pop ups
  • Kiddie Coaster
  • Kiddy bumber cars

Children’s attractions

  • Winx Club Magical Journey
  • Huntik the Dark Dungeon
  • La casa dei Mostri
  • Yucatan: An Huntik Adventure
  • L’Olandese Volante
  • Drakkar
  • Ristorante
  • Teatri Live Show
  • Castello di Alfea
  • Flying Island