Rome by night


If the atmosphere of Rome, with its cool breeze from the sea, the morning light at the Roman Forum, the midday brunch in Navona Square have fascinated you, then you will certainly not be immune to the fantastic, haunting, ancient Roman nights. The allure of the shadows, the music of the night-time lights, the smells and swarms of people from all over the world make the Roman night evocative, romantic and unique. You can book your free shuttle every night to go from our Country House directly to the heart of the Roman night, and we will agree on a time to pick you up and bring you back to the quiet of the Roman countryside.
The Trastevere neighbourhood is the most visited and typical night-life scene in Rome: it has many restaurants and wineries rich in Roman folklore. Some of the other oldest and busiest night-time haunts are Testaccio with its nightlife, La Garbatella with its restaurants and San Lorenzo with its wine bars. Rome at night has so much to offer: an evening stroll on the “Passetto” that connects Sant’Angelo Castle and Saint Peter’s, with a wonderful dinner at the restaurant of Castel Sant’Angelo on the roofs of Borgo Pio, walks and dinners on the Tiber for a romantic evening, cocktails and trendy nights at Casina Valadier in Villa Borghese, the jazz tram and romantic dinner on the ancient tram that runs through the centre of Rome, exclusive concerts at the Auditorium of Music, exceptional evenings of theatre and classical music at the Thermal Baths of Caracalla, romantic dinners aboard sailboats at the mouth of the Tiber River. “The Great Beauty” of Campo de Fiori, the Pantheon, the Imperial Forum, Navona Square, strolling along the Tiber by night with all the ancient sites of the “Dolce Vita” will captivate you forever.
The tranquillity of our Country House awaits you and assures a peaceful night’s sleep after your memorable night in Rome.