Where are we

Near Rome, what does that mean for us?
Look here, below, a map showing Rome and its surroundings. We are 30 km from Rome.
But now comes the peculiarity: the traveling time.
We can use a driving road 30km away, with traffic diverted in all directions and then without stopping, well beyond the GRA and the first quarter of Rome (San Lorenzo-Tiburtino). We arrive at the center, a Termini in 20-25 minutes, in Via Veneto in 30 minutes.
And now comes the best part: our guests cover this distance in 30 minutes with the comfort and relaxation of our shuttle. And ‘one of our free service. If they want, every day of their stay.
Unless in a few days. They prefer to be in the pool, or visit the Castelli Romani or Tivoli or the Outlet or Valmontone Magicland or Palestrina with its panorama and its Temple of the Goddess Fortuna Primigenia.
The distance from us to the center of the city is’ less than the time required to reach the center of town by a Roman neighborhood. But then, with the same distance, you come home in the evening, on the hills of the good life, to enjoy the best of Latium and Roman cuisine, and enjoy the fragrant wines of Lazio in a villa in the trees and flowers.