Vegetable garden

The Family Polucci Country house’s restaurant carefully selects the ingredients and elements that go into our typical Roman cuisine, often at zero-km and we give the highest priority to organic agriculture and wine supply chains when creating our tasting menus. In our restaurant you can taste the organic products from our large vegetable garden, also with a greenhouse that ensures year-round production of vegetables, fruit and legumes according to the most ancient and natural rules of the Roman countryside, guaranteeing a zero-km supply chain, from seed production to the plant’s growth and the creation of our traditional dishes. The organic herb garden in the Country House’s park lets us add essential and ancient flavours to our food, and has typical Roman countryside herbs: sage, bay leaves, thyme, chives, rosemary, mint, pennyroyal and melissa are just some of the organic herbs we grow with care that can be found in our tasting menu. Ancient-tradition Sheep Farmers in the Roman countryside provide us with ricotta cheese, other cheeses and milk, chestnut honey from local producers is always on our tables and our tasting menus are daily enriched with wood-oven baked bread made with organic flour that is either white or wholemeal, such as the bread from Genzano and Lariano.